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The team at Enebakk Dyreklinikk

Identifying, tracking, and analyzing selected clinic metrics towards set goals is a very powerful tool if used over time. It can provide insights into how the clinic performs (operationally and financially). The increased awareness generated by KPIs helps owners and staff makes smarter decisions, making the most out of their time and resources to achieve their individual goals. 

Tone Varegg is an experienced veterinarian, manager, and owner of Enebakk dyreklinikk in Norway. Together with her team, she started working actively with VetBusiness (read about VetBusiness in fact box below) and the KPI analysis offering in 2020. The ambition was to improve clinic financials, structure, and efficiency; as a manager, Tone wanted to grow and get more confident in her strategic decision-making and management of the clinic.

“I am mainly a veterinarian, and I do not have all professional competence in all the other parts that are sometimes required of me as a clinic owner and manager. It makes me uncertain whether I am doing things right and what I might be missing from time to time. Since everyday life is hectic, it is easy to push these kinds of questions in front of you.”

A KPI concept matched with regular support gives new important insights

VetFamily’s KPI analysis concept is built on a set of selected clinic metrics, monthly result reporting, and quarterly personal support by an experienced VetBusiness Manager. The regular close dialogue between the clinic and the local VetBusiness Manager ensures a full understanding of the results and planning of appropriate actions. If the clinic has no defined goals or plan, they also help define those to fit the individual needs for that specific clinic and clinic manager.

“The continuous conversation with our local VetBusiness Manager Hanne has been key. What is good, what can be better? All the time – big and small things. With so much to do in everyday clinic life, it would easily lose momentum otherwise.”

Improved transparency generates better work-life quality

The active work with metrics has given Tone and her team the tools needed to improve the daily life at Enebakk. Their efforts have contributed to the possibility of investing in new equipment and better facilities and a boost in overall team engagement - with an increased number of employee-initiated initiatives, knowledge sharing, and team celebrations. And for Tone as a manager, the improved understanding and control mean clinic figures are giving energy rather than taking her energy.

“I have a much better work-life; I am relieved. Economics no longer hangs over me like a ghost. I now see that it is possible to get where we want.”

Set goals, measure today, start changing tomorrow

In less than a year since starting to work with goals and KPIs, Tone and her team can already see a difference in the clinic’s operational and financial performance. Motivated by how fast they experienced progress, Tone is looking forward to further developing her clinic. The plan is to expand by adding new colleagues and even bigger facilities, and continued motivation and better work-life balance for her as a clinic manager.

Tone’s four best take-aways for other clinics considering working with VetBusiness and KPI analysis
  • Sparring partner for clinic owners: Even if you have a highly functioning clinic, it is always good to review what you do. Especially since being a manager of an independent clinic can be quite lonely. I got a sparring partner for my clinic performance-related questions and a second opinion on where we as a clinic stand compared to what is “normal” through the KPI work.
  • Improve budget control: Working with KPI has helped me to really set and actively control my budget. We now have a clear goal that we can work towards together.
  • Focus on what you do best: Most of us working within the industry are not educated in finance or HR; we are veterinarians and want to treat our patients. Being open to get help from experts with admin and business tasks helped me reduce stress levels and brought benefits I did not imagine.
  • It is a team effort: Working actively with performance is good and not bad. For us as a clinic, good things came out of more transparency of how we are doing. The staff figured it out, and it was fun and not scary. Employees are motivated, and we have fun working with this.

Even though most clinic owners and employees’ time is filled with treating patients and ad-hoc tasks, it is important to set aside time to lift the gaze. What do you want for yourself, your employees, your clinic, and your patients? Where do you want to be in three years? And where are you now?

Surveys conducted within the veterinary industry indicate that companies that invest time in defining clear goals and follow-up on these tend to do better in many aspects such as overall financials, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

I know from personal experience that inviting everyone in the clinic to work with clinical development as a team is motivational for everyone and really has an impact.

Hanne Herstad, VetBusiness Manager, VetFamily Norway

Photo of Hanne Herstad

This is VetBusiness

VetBusiness is VetFamily's clinic development concept through which we help clinics improve today and prepare for tomorrow according to their ambition. More specifically, we support clinics with different services within Economics, Procedures and Processes, HR and Leadership, and Marketing to:

  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Increase revenues
  • Increase patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Optimize usage of clinic resources and time
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